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Arturo's Sport Fishing Fleet - Fish Report
Jan 22, 2007

Weather, we had started the week very windy since last Sunday and after the first two days of wind an unexpected rain show up in the area for two more days, fortunately the following days the weather has been beautiful, especially today that we are enjoying a sunny and calm day.

Finally the camping San Nicholas is ready to begin to receive the groups of this new season 2007, this year we are ready to take care of the first group of Anglers over at the camp, while we settle dawn the facilities we were doing some fishing and find  yellowtail schools on different spot like el Bajo del Pulpito 2 miles west of the Pulpito point, North of San Ildelfonso Island, out side of San Antonio point and also the good news we found good schools of yellowtail on the south side of Pulpito point where is an area protected from the north wind, which is right across from the camp, the yellowtail weigh average 15 pounds. We are hoping to have a good report next weekend for all of you.

Bait: all of them is available early on the morning, mackerel and caballito two miles away from Loreto, also on the south side of Coronado Island, or you can order it on advance with us, you can buy 10 pieces for 15 usd, 15 for 20 and 20 for 25, but please don‚t order 30 because you will have to pay 40 usd.

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